Love – what is it?

Trust, respect, completion, honesty, feeling of security, joint laughing, tenderness, give & take, relaxation, concentrated power & energy, enjoy the same things, mirror, freedom.


„If something that you love is dieing slowly, it is not the end that hurts, but to see how it has to perish.“

Thank you “Jo Strauss” for these words!

original text: „Wenn irgendwos des ma mog, sche langsam stirbt, is ned’s End des wos weh tuat, sondern zu sehng wie’s krepiert.“


Twins do have one of the greatest and fascinating relationships – a relationship with one of the deepest bondings that is possible between humans.

Hold somebody

You can’t hold anything – not even your twin with the same mutual love to you.

You can’t hold anything – not even you twin that has to die.


What has made you happy recently?

The gratitude for the loving people in my life and the quality of those relationships. Even if I rarely see them, they are always there and the connection is wonderful, deep when we have contact – as ever. Thank you!